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Default Re: Vanguard... Whats up?

I'm honestly trying that the best I can, but sometimes they will still target me even if they're not grouped together. That's what I don't get. Sometimes they're a good distance apart and will still come after me.

Heck, I targed one of the lizardmen while ago that was standing at the front of a hut, and a guy that was standing all the way behind the hut and one of his pals that was nowhere close just up and took off after me. I don't know if they think I'm extra sexy or what, but it's really getting irritating. Maybe it's the white hair. Maybe I just don't blend into the environment or something. Can you buy highlights somewhere?

And sometimes it just can't be avoided. You have to target one in a group if you're by yourself.

Like on a recent quest I'm searching for these runes in Jharru Flats(sp?) Well, there are about 3-4 lizardmen just standing around one of them and they never move. This is about the way every quest I've done lately has been. It's like they expect you're strong enough to take on 2-3 at one time or you're playing in a group w/ 2-3 people.

I know they have to make quests like that to keep the difficulty decent, because many group most of the time they play. Unfortunately I'm a newbie and don't have that many friends on it yet. But I just wish they'd balance it a little bit more and add in more quests that can be completed by a single person. I mean, I need to have some damn way to level my character up, and I've completed every quest I can up to this point. I'm not going to waste a day doing nothing but battles in order to increase my experience gauge by a nanometer each time. Besides that, my guy has a hard time defeating anybody who's even one level above him, much less two or three like most of these quests have been filled with lately.

The game just has a lot of bugs right now. I've had points on my compass change in direction. I've had my horse fall through the world when I tried to mount it (no fat-a** jokes here, please). I've fallen through the world myself numerous times (same rules apply here.) I've had quests where the item wasn't where it was supposed to be, like the guy's skeleton that was in the Caverns w/ the journal. The journal wasn't there. I've had quests I've completed and come back to the source only to find out that it never checked off.

I'm not enjoying the beta testing right now.

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