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Default Re: Beryl White Screen Issue

OK. this is NOT an nvidia bug.. This IS A bug in the beryl build process.

which I run ldd on beryl I get that is pointing to /usr/lib64. The NVIDIA RPM packages I am using put the nvidia in /usr/lib64/nvidia.. the ldconfig environment is configured correctly for this.. However during the building of beryl the rpath was set on beryl.

When I run chrpath -l /usr/bin/beryl I get
/usr/bin/beryl: RPATH=/usr/lib64

when I run it on /usr/bin/glxgears I get (of which ldd shows the correct
/usr/bin/glxgears: no rpath or runpath tag found.

After running
chrpath -d /usr/bin/beryl

ldd now shows the correct and beryl correctly works. This *NOT* an nvidia issue, but a beryl build issue.

I have added this post to the bug report on beryl's website (#848)
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