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Default Re: Vanguard... Whats up?

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Yeah, it's addicting alright. I'm just a little irked at the gameplay at the moment. Just a minute ago there were 4 wasps surrounding me at four corners and I was invisible. I moved all the way to one corner to attack one of the wasps, and as soon as I turned visible they all closed in on me like a bunch of *#&@^$#( buzzsaws.

I'm getting the feeling I could "learn2pull" a 1920's steel tractor and it still wouldn't help this bug.

And I hope I'm wrong, but it also looks like they've dumbed the graphics down from what they were yesterday. I see more jaggies and the textures look lower res. Also, the grass looks thinner.
Xion, Are you sure your not casting AOEs? If your arn't then are you fighting in dungeons? Those really arn't great places to solo. I am a 16 Sorc and STILL have no problem soloing. It is vary rare I get any adds. My soloing goes Taqmirs Bolts > Frostbite > Char....Rinse & Repeat...Works great even at level 16.

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