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Default Re: Vanguard... Whats up?

Nah, I'm not in dungeons. This quest I'm on right now is in the Jharru Flats next to the east docks across the river. It's just a regular old quest out in the open.

My spell pattern normally goes like this:

Frostbite II to slow them down so they can't run at me, Char, Taqmir Bolts II, etc.

I never use spells that have a wide effect like energy blast unless more than one comes after me (and by that time, I'm usually dead anyway); I try to use all spells that have a focused attack on one individual. But it never fails because they come after me every single time.

I'll take a picture next time when I get to a place like this to show you guys. I'll also try casting the bolts first and see if that helps. Thanks for your replies.

I really do like this game; it's just that this issue is driving me crazy. I'm spending half of my time retracing my steps and recovering tombstones.

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