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Default Re: Vanguard... Whats up?

I really haven't found many like that so far and I've trained everywhere there's been a sorcerer instructor. One of the reasons I'm aching to get to Lvl 12 is because I get many more spells to train for. Like 2 more quests and I'll be leveling up again.

I do have a disperse spell, but it usually won't let me cast it unless I land a critical attack. I could try moving my Taqmir Bolts I or Frostbite I spells back onto my toolbelt to see if the lower damage reduces aggression, I guess. I've stopped using them because they're less powerful. Can a sorcerer use ranged attack weapons? I've just been using a staff, and to get any extra damage in I can, after I cast my first spell I will usually autoattack to get ready for his bumrush at me. I usually get an extra swing or two in while he's hacking away.

If that really does have that kind of effect on agro, then they should tell you. It's not like all of us are pros at MMOs and know these kinds of things already.

Maybe it's in the manual and I just haven't read it, though. I've been meaning to sit down and read that thing; I just normally skip that step when I'm playing stuff and learn the hard way.

[Edit: You know what the odd thing is? Is that this usually doesn't happen when I'm grouping w/ people--only when I'm by myself. You saw me, Magus--I could stand back and target one enemy w/ spells and the other guy would just stand there. Well, I've been targeting enemies when soloing that are standing at about the same distance and they've been hauling (@!~! after me every time when soloing. Doesn't make sense.]

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