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Default .9746 Gentoo blank screen when outputting DVI-HDMI to LCD TV


I am having a couple of problems getting my X configured correctly to output from my FX5200 to my Toshiba 37WLT68 using a DVI-HDMI cable, using 9746 or 9631.

My first problem is that when the TV is on standby or even just using a different input (e.g. RGB Scart instead of HDMI-1) it doesn't seem to provide any EDID information so when I boot I have to have it on the correct channel of the nvidia driver defaults to some 640x400 (something small, anyway) resolution. When the TV is on the correct channel (HDMI-1) it works fine and gives a resolution of 1280x720, which seems centred fine...I have attached the bug report generated from this setup for reference 'nvidia-bug-report-edid-tv-on.log'. The picture *may* be slightly too large for the screen, but I am less worried about this than the following issues...

Being the cunning sort I took the hsync etc. that are reported in the Xorg.0.log and created a modeline from them, and after some fighting managed to persuade X to use it. However, for some reason the picture always seems to be offset up or down by a bit - can anyone see what I've done wrong? Bug report is 'nvidia-bug-report-non-edid-looksfunny.log'.

Finally, it turns out that this did not solve my problem, if I start X with the custom modeline with the TV not on the HDMI-1 input I still get a blank screen. Now the 'interesting' thing is that if I tell X to cycle through the resolutions (Ctrl-Alt-+) then when it gets back to the custom modeline resolution the screen pops up all happy (well happy, but still offset up/down) the other modes don't seem to work (I was trying to get 1280x768). The card hasn't 'gone to sleep' as far as I can tell - hitting keys on the keyboard doesn't restore the picture. So does anyone know how I can persuade the driver to display the picture without cycling the resolutions? Presumably the TV isn't telling the GFX card a vita 'I'm here' bit of information?

This is for my mythtv machine and it'd be nice not to have to use this work around or have the TV on and on the correct channel whenever the machine boots.

Thanks in advance,

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