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Default Re: 1080i on Hitachi Alis PDP (42PD5000)

Originally Posted by gava
Did you get this working? Im having the same issue......
Not really. I did get 720p to work but had to revert to the 8774 driver for this.

I seem to have already forgotten the exact cause, but basically I kept bashing my head into the wall between EDID information not reflecting that the screen could in fact handle 720p and 1080i and not just max 1024x768 and ExactModeTimingDVI not seeming to output the same timings as 8774 did.

Basically no matter what ModeValidation overrides I specified the darned 9xxx drivers seems to delete my modelines because the screen says it has a max resolution of 1024x768 (not because of the timings, but the resolution). If I ignored the resolution from Edid, the 9xxx drivers fell back to saying that my screen was max 640x480 and ignored all the 720p and 1080i mode lines.

This did not happen i the 8774 driver.

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