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Default Re: 9746 BUG: No user defined clip planes

The clipping planes still work with the fixed function vertex pipeline, but when I use my own vertex shader they no longer work. The clipping planes used to work (with older drivers) when I used my own vertex shader, as long as I wrote to gl_ClipVertex in GLSL.

I have attatched some code which reproduces the error. It is a simple volume rendering program that renders a procedurally generated dataset with a single sphere in the center. The volume rendering is done by applying a 3D texture to view aligned slices. The slices are as tall and wide as the longest diagonal of the volume, and then user defined clipping planes are used to clip the slices down to the size of the volume. The texture wrap mode is set to repeat so that you can see if the slices are being clipped correctly. If the slices are clipped correctly, you should see a single sphere in the center. If the slices are not clipped, you should see several partial spheres surrounding the center one (from the texture wrapping).

With the 9631 and earlier drivers, the attatched code works correctly, with the 9746 drivers it does not.
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