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Default Re: Vanguard: FFA PvP Server

Originally Posted by Malficar
Well if you say the game "runs well". Set Highest quality + 16x AF and run around Hathor Zhi or Khal then get back to me. Try the crafting rooms when they are full of other players. Heck try those @ balanced settings. Naturally, don't stare at a wall and say, "I get good FPS." Look across the entire room from one end to the next, or look across that main connecting room in Hathor Zhi when it is full. Depth of field, with players and NPCs = FPS death @ highest quality in cities. It doesn't run well on balanced either in cities with players about.

No game runs like ass on my system except VG in some of its cities with other players about. I don't consider 20FPS acceptable on my system when nothing else I play can put me below 40 @ the highest settings with filtering on. I get those grinding halts on occasion too that Xion mentions. Outdoors run great, save an occasional "grind halt". They have serious issues to address with a decent number of players around one another and particularly in cities.

I'll see you fellows in six months when the largest of nerfs are over and perhaps they have optimized more. Hopefully they will tune the animations too. If you want to read well thought-out criticism of the game try the below thread. L233 is over the top in some cases and right on in others:

Let me know how you like VG post L20.

BTW I am F'n tired of caves too.
I'm not trying to be smart with you, but have you played a new MMO that uses a forward thinking engine on launch before? EQ1, SWG, EQ2, DOAC, etc all sucked on top of the line systems on launhc. Of course WoW didn't, but that is because graphically it isn't that high end (I'm not arguing artwork right now, just graphic technique)...

Also, the whole "crafting" area thing simply doesn't apply to me...I only get poor framerates in towns, where I spend very little time. I don't craft or do diplomacy, so for myself, performance is acceptable. For a crafter, I could understand your frustration...

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