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Default Re: Just ordered a pair of AL995's...

Originally Posted by crainger
LOL You sure are helpful

A little offtopic, but I love the fact the website shows the rear panel of the speakers. Very handy.
I don't think the topic starter is in need of help in the first place

Second, i only see the back of the subwoofer (if you would like to call it one)

What about the surround speakers ?
Do they have loose connections on the back ?
How long is the speaker wire if not ?

let's just say it's a good deal for starters.

Originally Posted by site
Before you rush out and buy just any impressive-looking (and not necessarily impressive-sounding) surround speaker set, consider that these come with not four, but five satellites, and a subwoofer with not one but two bass drivers.
even when the price is tempting i myself wouldn't recommend.
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