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Hi all,

I think that main problem with ATI closed source driver may a bug or something like that if everyone who aplied this and manage to make working or not ATI 2.x driver could post the following thing, I think it would be helpful for all :
- Distrib name and version
- Kernel version
- glibc version
- XFree version and if you compiled it or installed it from binaries
- XFree.0.log (from /var/log)
- XF86Config file (or XF86config-4)
- The result of testgart
I think it's really important because for exemple ATI's drivers are only packaged for glibc 2.2.x and not for 2.3.x.

Thank's to everyone who will do that, and you will see, if we all work together, we will pass trough.
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