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Default 3D accel only works over VGA, not DVI (7800GS)

Hi, new user here, first post. Kind of new-ish to Linux, too.

I'm using PCLinuxOS2007TR1/TR2 and had a real bugger of a time getting 3D accel working. I pored over all the various instruction threads on their forums regarding installing/setting up the proprietary nvidia drivers (from the pkg in their repository). I could get the drivers installed, as evidenced by the additional options then available in the nvidia-config applet.

Problem is, when I rebooted, half-way thru the boot the screen would go blank and display a "no input signal - going to sleep" message. (I'd get this same result when hitting the "Test" button before actually rebooting, too.)

Then came my Eureka moment. I was thinking about the line nVidia says needs to be added to the screen section of the xorg.conf file (Option "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "True") when it struck me - ARGB means analog RBG (VGA cable).

Sure enough, when I switched out the DVI cable for a VGA, everything worked fine - I got the nVidia splash screen (finally! yea!), the OpenGL screen savers ran at the right speed and I even got to play around with Beryl for a bit. But ... now I have a new dilemma.

I'm running this on a dual-boot with w2k. I use my PC primarily for gaming and watching DVDs and specifically upgraded to a monitor with DVI (Xerox 19" widescreen, 1 DVI, 2 VGA inputs) to take full advantage of my 7800GS.

I thought, no prolem, I'll just hook the DVI cable back up (I discovered during the install that I had to completely remove the DVI cable to get the install to work, but could reconnect the DVI afterwards along with the VGA) and tell the monitor to use the DVI input when I boot into Windows. But this doesn't work - with both cables hooked up, the monitor refuses to accept the DVI and only accepts the VGA signal. (I'm thinking these multiple inputs on the monitor are for running multiple PCs to it, not multiple cables off the same vid card on 1 PC to it.)

Now, the PCLinuxOS is running off an external USB HD and iirc I even tried disconnecting that so the PC would boot directly to Windows but got the same result.

So, for now, it's back to the DVI cable and the 2D generic nv driver for pclos (which works fine btw and I think was what was throwing me off during the "why won't it work" as I tear my hair out phase lol) while I investigate this a little further.

Nowhere in any of these various instructions did I see any mention/warning that 3D only works over a VGA connection and I'm wondering if this is just how it works or is there maybe something in *my* setup that allows it to only work this way? Does anyone have 3D working over DVI and, if so, can offer me some pointers?

Here's a run-down of my system:

AMD Athlon XP 2800+
Soltek SL-75FRN2-RL nForce2 Ultra 400 mobo
768MB DDR RAM running @ 333mHz
PNY 7800GS AGP with DVI/VGA/S-video out
120MB WD HDD @7200rpm
Plextor single-layer DVD burner
On-board audio
On-board 100MB ethernet
Netgear WAG511 wireless abg adaptor
w2kpro SP4

PCLinuxOS in running on a Simpletech 40GB external USB HDD
grub in on the external HD

Now, I do have a little Shuttle SFF box running winXP that has an EVGA e-GeForce 6200 ACP hooked to an analog-only LCD that I *could* run the pclos on but this w2k box is my main rig so it's a bit more convenient to have it hooked to this one.

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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