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Default Re: 8800 modded BIOS found - thrustworthy?

Originally Posted by SlieTheSecond
I am curious. Where did you get these numbers?
Thats simple - try & error. Open RivaTuner, look at the clocks and use another tool to rise the core clock. I noticed that shader clocks only went up for 54 Mhz when you set the core clock higher, but I didnīt find a system because some steps irritated me, for example: setting clock to 587 Mhz results in a shader clock of 1350 Mhz and a core clock of 594 Mhz. Setting the core to 596 Mhz will result in a shader clock of 1404 Mhz and a core clock of 594 Mhz too.

So Iīve searched a little bit and found another (german) forum where someone solved this problem with the steps between which irritated me so much.

Some cards will not match exactly the speeds in the graphic, mine for example jumps sometimes a step higher as I want. Perhaps its because of some programs I use to overclock or something with rounding the numbers, I donīt know yet.
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