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Default Re: Vanguard... Whats up?

Things are going much better w/ the Sorcerer now. I see what you mean about ultimate damage dealer now, Mal. Some of my spells are really getting strong because I'm distributing all my attribute points to Vitality, Intelligence, and Wisdom. Each one takes at least 200hp now and sometimes I can chain them up to 750hp apiece.

I was w/ this one group tonight that was trippin' out at how easy I made a quest they had struggled with. Said they were taking down enemies in less than half the time it took them before w/ me casting for them.

Also learning to attack from a distance much better. I'm @ level 13 now, and I've been taking down two lvl 13's at a time (2 dot, usually) and lvl 16 (2-3 dots) by myself by chaining spells and casting in better order. Most often I can have their power down to 1/5 before they ever touch me and in many cases have completely killed them before they got to me.

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