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Default Re: Vanguard... Whats up?

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Hey anyone with an SLi 8800GTX rig, try displaying the SLi Load bars. I can't get mine to display when running the game... I don't think its supporting SLi right now... please provide a screenshot if you are claiming its working.

BTW Im on Xp with the most recent official drivers.
Magus, I know for a fact that it's supporting SLI. I've benchmarked common locations over and over again w/ a single GTX against SLI and I get 10-12 fps lower in many locations than I do w/ two cards.

If I get a chance tomorrow I'll post a screenshot of the same location, one vs. the other. But there's no doubt it's supporting SLI--just not that well. And I also crash to the desktop a lot more often in SLI.

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