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Default SMP woes with 8800 GTS and beryl

Hi all, I'm having problems with input crashing when running beryl on XFX GeForce 8800GTS on x86_64 Kernel "", SMP, from SuSE.

When I disable SMP through maxcpus=0 in the boot loader, it runs fine for quite a while, but seems to eventually get a "black screen" on all beryl controlled windows, eventually blacking out everything onscreen. this is a bit harder to reproduce than the other problem below:

When SMP is left enabled, it will run fine until it randomly stops accepting all input. Animations, window refreshes, all drawing operations seem to work fine, and I don't have any performance issues with this incredible GPU either. The cursor also moves around when I move the mouse, but keyboard status keys such as capslock/scrlock/numlock do not update on the keyboard when pressed, and the mouse cursor although movable is unable to interact with anything. Hovering over buttons of seemingly responsive windows (ones who are continually updating) causes no hover-over animation and makes it seem like the cursor isn't seen at all by anything.

Walking over to another machine, killing beryl via ssh, and relaunching it saves me from having to reboot, but thats a bit annoying in itself.

I'm running dual core and not simply hyperthreading, and that other core is very useful in transcoding video, so I'd like to be able to use it ^_^.

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