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Try to poke around, like etr is saying, but if that doesn't work, then the email address will probably want to know. Give them all your hardware (as in chipset, video card, video BIOS (which you can get at the early, early screen when you first turn on your computer -- when your video card does its power-on self test, before the rest of your computer does its POST), perhaps motherboard BIOS version (accessible from the screen where the rest of your computer is doing its POST), and stuff like that), plus what it's doing -- the blank screen on startx with the module loaded.

They probably don't need to know about the "could not initialize NVIDIA driver" issue, since that's a separate one.

Might also be good to tell them whether you see an nVidia logo or not when you startx -- it sounds like you don't.

Anyway, yeah, this is an "I'm out of ideas" post...
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