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Hi All,

I have been having a heck of a time getting my Solaris X86 system up and stable. I did a nice clean install, everything looked good. When I start loading the system it locks up and then crashes hard. I spent a couple of weeks thinking that it was the hard drive setup (using a promise card) but have definitely ruled that out. The question I have is does anyone have any thoughts as to whether or not installing the NVIDIA driver for Solaris X86 will make a hill of beans of difference?? Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

System: ASUS AN8-SLI, 2GB 400 PC3200, GF 6600LE 256Mb DDR PCI-E, IDE CH1..300GB Seagate-500 GB Seagate, IDE CH2 2 NEC 16X DVD/RW, Promise card CH1 2 300 GB Maxtor.

Thanks in advance.
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