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Default Multiple video libraries.

How can I install the NVIDIA drivers and be able to switch back and forth between NVIDIA libraries and other graphics card libraries like mesa?

Our school district is implementing Debian Linux diskless clients in all the schools. We have chosen NVIDIA chipset for all new computers because it was the easiest to install and had the best 3d results for the end-users. The diskless clients nfs mount the same / partition which makes software updates super efficient. At bootup the workstations auto detect the video hardware and update the "Device"=>"Driver" section in xorg.conf

The district had a donation of a thousand Asus ('via' video chipset) workstations. The NVIDIA installer overwrites libraries like and which causes the via chipset to loose its 3d acceleration. The NVIDIA installer is overwriting libraries provided by xorg and mesa.

Is there a way to install the nvidia drivers so that they do not overwrite default system libraries? Then at bootup I could write a script to switch back and forth between libraries based on the video chipset.
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