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Default Getting GeForce Go 7950 GTX SLI working on Ubuntu Feisty?


I am new to the world of NVIDIA drivers and Linux.

I would like to get my GeForce Go 7950 GTX SLI cards working under Kubuntu Feisty. I have installed the operating system, and have got the VESA driver working by selecting it in the xorg.conf file and choosing the second of the two BusID's (the first one just hung the boot process / cut out to the prompt, so presumably the second is the one actually connected to the screen).

I have tried downloading nvidia-glx from the repository and enabling it, and changing the driver in the xorg.conf file to nvidia. Although that is only for the card mentioned above.

Do I need to add the other card in the xorg.conf file somewhere and somehow enable SLI? The repository would not let me install nvidia-settings or nvidia-xconfig for some reason (it wanted to remove nvidia-glx if I did so), and so I am not sure if there are more options I should be putting in there. Also, do I need to install a further nForce driver of some kind to get the SLI working, or is that recognised by the kernel / irrelevant? (2.6.20).

My laptop is the following:

and the chipset is nForce 4 SLI.

I think that the driver in the Feisty repository is 1.0-9631.

Any help would be hugely hugely appreciated, as all of this is quite new to me, and I would really like to get it working so that I can use Beryl and various OpenGL games.


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