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Default Re: XvMV freezes my MythTV-system

Hi and thanks for the answer!

I tried without the ConnectedMonitor option but then I did only get video output over VGA and a resolution of 1280x720 - but I noticed one thing, the system didn't freeze when using XvMC! So I've been trying a little and this is my results:

XvMC@1920x1080: System freeezes
XvMC@1280x720: Ok
ffmpeg/libmpeg2@1920x1080: Ok
ffmpeg/libmpeg2@1280x720: Ok

So it looks like the problem only occurs when I'm running XvMC in 1920x1080. I'm using an integrated 6150 GPU thats shares the RAM - can that be a problem? But do XvMC consume more Video-RAM than ffmpeg for example?

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