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Default Twin and different resolution for TV


I've been trying to get my TV connected to my Dell laptop (GeForce 7900S) using TwinView. My desktop resolution is at 1920x1200 and my TV is at 1024x768. The problem is no matter what I do I cannot seem to get the TV ton run at 1024x768 so the TV only displays a partial view of the screen.

The relevant section of my xorg.conf is:

Section "Monitor"
        Identifier   "Monitor0"
        HorizSync    28.0 - 96.0
        VertRefresh  50.0 - 75.0

Section "Device"
        Identifier  "Card0"
        Driver      "nvidia"
        VideoRam    262144
        VendorName  "All"
        BoardName   "All"
        Option      "RenderAccel" "true"
        Option      "CursorShadow" "on"
        Option      "TwinView"
        Option      "TwinViewOrientation" "DFP-0 RightOf TV-0"
        Option      "MetaModes" "1920x1200,1024x768"
        Option      "TVStandard" "PAL-G"
        Option      "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"
        Option      "TVOverScan" "0.6"
        Option      "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP-0, TV-0"
#       BusID       "PCI:1:0:0"

Section "Screen"
        Identifier      "Screen0"
        Device  "Card0"
        Monitor "Monitor0"
        DefaultDepth 24
        DefaultColorDepth 24
        SubSection "Display"
                Depth   24
                Modes "1920x1200" "1600x1200" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
        SubSection "Display"
                Depth   32
                Modes "1920x1200" "1600x1200" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
The relevant lines from Xorg.0.log are:

(II) Module glx: vendor="NVIDIA Corporation"
(II) Module nvidia: vendor="NVIDIA Corporation"
(II) NVIDIA dlloader X Driver  1.0-9746  Fri Dec 15 10:21:43 PST 2006
(II) NVIDIA Unified Driver for all Supported NVIDIA GPUs
(--) Chipset NVIDIA GPU found
(**) NVIDIA(0): Depth 24, (--) framebuffer bpp 32
(==) NVIDIA(0): RGB weight 888
(==) NVIDIA(0): Default visual is TrueColor
(==) NVIDIA(0): Using gamma correction (1.0, 1.0, 1.0)
(**) NVIDIA(0): Option "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP-0, TV-0"
(**) NVIDIA(0): Option "TVStandard" "PAL-G"
(**) NVIDIA(0): Option "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"
(**) NVIDIA(0): Option "RenderAccel" "true"
(**) NVIDIA(0): Option "CursorShadow" "on"
(**) NVIDIA(0): Option "TwinView"
(**) NVIDIA(0): Option "TwinViewOrientation" "DFP-0 RightOf TV-0"
(**) NVIDIA(0): Option "MetaModes" "1920x1200,1024x768"
(**) NVIDIA(0): Option "TVOverScan" "0.6"
(**) NVIDIA(0): Enabling RENDER acceleration
(**) NVIDIA(0): Forcing SVIDEO output
(**) NVIDIA(0): Enabling cursor shadow
(**) NVIDIA(0): TV Standard string: "PAL-G"
(**) NVIDIA(0): TwinView enabled
(**) NVIDIA(0): ConnectedMonitor string: "DFP-0, TV-0"
(II) NVIDIA(0): NVIDIA GPU GeForce Go 7900 GS at PCI:1:0:0 (GPU-0)
(--) NVIDIA(0): Memory: 262144 kBytes
(--) NVIDIA(0): VideoBIOS:
(II) NVIDIA(0): Detected PCI Express Link width: 16X
(--) NVIDIA(0): Interlaced video modes are supported on this GPU
(--) NVIDIA(0): Connected display device(s) on GeForce Go 7900 GS at
(--) NVIDIA(0):     PCI:1:0:0:
(--) NVIDIA(0):     NVIDIA TV Encoder (TV-0)
(--) NVIDIA(0):     Seiko (DFP-0)
(--) NVIDIA(0): NVIDIA TV Encoder (TV-0): 400.0 MHz maximum pixel clock
(--) NVIDIA(0): TV encoder: NVIDIA
(II) NVIDIA(0): Assigned Display Devices: DFP-0, TV-0
(II) NVIDIA(0): Validated modes:
(II) NVIDIA(0):     "1920x1200,1024x768"
(II) NVIDIA(0): Virtual screen size determined to be 2944 x 1200
(II) NVIDIA(0): Primary V_BIOS segment is: 0xc000
(--) NVIDIA(0): DPI set to (131, 132); computed from "UseEdidDpi" X config
(--) NVIDIA(0):     option
(II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "1920x1200,1024x768"
(II) NVIDIA(0): NVIDIA 3D Acceleration Architecture Initialized
(II) NVIDIA(0): Using the NVIDIA 2D acceleration architecture
(==) NVIDIA(0): Backing store disabled
(==) NVIDIA(0): Silken mouse enabled
I've been going back and forth with different configuration settings for hours now. Is there anything that I am missing? I am using KDE but do not yet have it compiled with xinerama support though from my understanding this shouldn't affect the screen resolution of the TV?

Any help would be very appreciated.

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