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Default RedHat9 GeForce 3 Ti500 - scrambled colours - listings added!!!

Dell Dimension 8200, GeForce 3 Ti 500, Dell 1702FP (flat panel) with DVI connections used.

RedHat 9 standard (text based) installation and x configured as close as possible. The Nvidia .run driver installed successfully and XFree86 config altered to "nvidia" driver.

X starts at the first try - BUT - the colours are totally out of wack. Very yellowish and the background is blue and black, almost as with 2-bit colourdepth.

Tried altering colour depth, screen size, graphics card memory size, AGP driver option but no luck.

Any immidiate thoughts from anybody that already have solved the problem or what listings would you like to see?


Added all listings I could think of...

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