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Question Re: .9746 Gentoo blank screen when outputting DVI-HDMI to LCD TV


Connected monitor didn't make any difference. I've attached 2 bug reports 'nvidia-bug-report.log.tar.gz' which was with ConnectedMontor and the TV on HDMI1 and 'nvidia-bug-report_not_on_hdmi1.log.tar.gz' whic is the same but with the tv not on the HDMI channel.

I *thought* I had made a mistake using the nvidia driver when I thoguht I was using the nv driver, as I couldn't get the nv driver to work UNTIL...

I started the machine on the HDMI channel using the NVIDIA driver, stopped X, the turned from the HDMI channel, and started X using the NV driver - then turning to HDMI1 displays the desktop. Oddly the same does not hold for the NVIDIA driver - killing X, turning from HDMI1, starting X with NVIDIA driver, and turning to HDMI1 does NOT display a desktop.

Now this go me to thinking about why the NV driver didn't work - in the doc is says :

'With this driver, a digital flat panel will work only if it was POSTed by the BIOS, that is, the computer must have booted to the panel'

I realised that when I boot the machine it does not display and of the POST/BIOS stuff. If I don't auto start X I don't get a command line screen - if I start with the nvidia driver and kill X I do...

I've attached the xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log, from when I am using the nv driver (successfully) note that in the log there is the line :

(--) NV(0): Panel size is 1280 x 720

If I just boot using nv (unsuccessful) it contains :

(--) NV(0): Panel size is 1 x 1

Does this help in any way?

Thanks, Bryan.
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