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Default Re: Which Distro Are You?

Originally Posted by six_storm
May I ask why you are running XGL instead of Beryl? Just curious.

I installed the latest SVNs of Beryl from whoever that one guy is (Beryl 2.0RC3). I was playing around with the configurations in Beryl Manager and my Desktop Cube function quit working. And when you purge Beryl, remove SVN repos and reinstall, it apparently doesn't wanna downgrade to RC1 lol. At least I know those work.
Was running, I just wanted to test both out, tried XGL first is all, no particular reason. But I really trashed my installation trying to tweak it . As of today I'm waiting on taxes back to grab another hdd as one died on me and I have way to much on my xp hdd to wipe it. I'll post more on my performance with beryl soon as I can get a distro up and running wiith it.

I'll just have to make a hard decision on what distro to go with. I had way to many problems with ubuntu, so I'll probably go back to Dream Linux.
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