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Default Re: Which Distro Are You?

Originally Posted by grey_1
Was running, I just wanted to test both out, tried XGL first is all, no particular reason. But I really trashed my installation trying to tweak it . As of today I'm waiting on taxes back to grab another hdd as one died on me and I have way to much on my xp hdd to wipe it. I'll post more on my performance with beryl soon as I can get a distro up and running wiith it.

I'll just have to make a hard decision on what distro to go with. I had way to many problems with ubuntu, so I'll probably go back to Dream Linux.
I'll have to check out DreamLinux. Sabayon Linux sucks (Vista-like rough on your hardware lol) and it isn't efficient like Ubuntu. Post some screenies when you get a chance!!!
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