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Default Re: Which Distro Are You?

Originally Posted by six_storm
I'll have to check out DreamLinux. Sabayon Linux sucks (Vista-like rough on your hardware lol) and it isn't efficient like Ubuntu. Post some screenies when you get a chance!!!
I'm glad I saw your post on Sabayon, that was on my "to try" list. I should have this set up again with Dream this week. Not a convenience thing, it's a sucky kind of money thing, gotta feed them kids.

Couple of thing s about Dream, it's based on Kanotix, which I always found very fast and stable. It's multimedia tools are top notch and NV drivers installed easily, but it is rather pared down.

Appearance wise, beautiful. Looks much like a mac set up.

This is from their homepage, not sure if you visited it yet.
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