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Default GeForce 6200 PCI Compatibility?


I'm running a 9800xt in my box right now, however I'd like to buy a secondary gfx card for use in FreeBSD. An AGP card is out of the question, as I wouldn't want to be switching physically between the two often.

If I buy a PCI gfx card, specifically this 6200, will I be able to use it while the AGP card is also in my machine?

I see that the 6200 is listed in the driver's compatibility list, but I am not sure this assumes PCI as well as AGP/PCI-x.

3D acceleration is a plus, not a requirement. Currently with my ATi card, although I have a fast machine, gnome appears to be sluggish in some situations, such as when I move a window (very choppy). I also cannot use the composite extension. I must be able to do at least these two things seamlessly (fast!) with the nVidia card.

So, how's my luck?
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