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Default Re: Official - Post Your AMD Opteron Overclocks

Originally Posted by BCKator

I am interested to see how things go/improve w/ that 185. I have my eye on that as well as a last-gasp for my socket 939 (potential alternative to going C2D).

Currently getting ~2.9GHz on my Opty 148 @266x11 @1.50v(bios)1.52v(cpu-z) HT@3x. I have a WC setup w/ idle at @ 33 degC and load @ 43 degC. Mem at 333 (209MHz 2/3/2/6 1T Corsair CMX1024-3500LLPRO).

-- BCK
I can tell you this- at stock this rig is blazing fast. Remember though, I'm coming from a s754 3400- so you can see how this would be such a tremendous upgrade for me.

Anyhow- my 3DMark scores are no where near what they should be. My gaming, however, has sky-rocketed. In FEAR I'm playing at 1920x1440, 16xAA, 16xAF, vsync+tb, and all in-game options maxed and it only seldom dips below 60fps. It hovers right around to 45-60fps during the most intense of firefights. And, this is with everything at stock speeds.

I haven't done any oc'ing yet- I've been too busy enjoying my gamed! But I'll be sure to try oc'ing tonight before I get to bed. I will post results of course.

For you, the 185 might not be the best option as your current proc is significantly faster than the s754 I was coming from. If you can at all afford a C2D- go that route instead. Atleast with LGA775 you'll have an upgrade path. With s939 the Opty 185 is essentially the end of the road (barring the FX-60 which would not be a noticable upgrade anyway).

Then again, I have no idea just how fast your Opty is in comparison to this 185- so it might be worth it. I'll go ahead and post my oc'ing results later tonight.
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