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Default Re: Setting Native Panel Resolution??? 1.0.9746

blah66, are you still following this thread?

I'm in the same situation, 7600GT and the Vizio P50HD. (Great minds think alike . . . fools seldom disagree). Did you figure things out?

Here's what I've learned about the Vizio so far:

- The panel's native resolution is 1366x768

- The HDMI port only accepts HD resolutions (1920x1080, 1280x720, 720x480).

- The VGA port accepts 1360x768, 1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480.
(It may accept 1366x768 but I'm not sure)

- In WindowsXP I'm able to get all of the above VGA resolutions.

- The 7600GT may not be able to output 1366x768 because it's not divisible by 8.

- The following modeline works _in_WindowsXP_:
1366x768 85.5 1366 1414 1526 1798 768 771 777 795

- However, this modeline (and others that people have posted for other displays) doesn't work for the Vizio under X.

I found out that modeline by looking into WindowsXP's display control panel, finding out how to calculate modelines from the porch and sync widths, and then back calculating the modeline (and I checked my math several times).

Here's what I can say about this whole thing so far:

- The Windows drivers are far ahead of the linux drivers, and allow support for all HD resolutions and VGA resolutions up to 1360x768.

- In Windows you can use the HDMI input or the VGA input based on what resolution you want.

- _In_Windows_ if you want the native resolution (1360x768) you have to use VGA.

- In linux I've only been able to get standard VESA resolutions to work over VGA.

- I _have_ been able to get TwinView to work in multiple ways.

- I really wish I could find that modeline for 1360x768. I've searched the internet for months without finding it.

Considering the P50HDM is such a popular plasma (thanx to Costco) I would figure that _someone_ has figured this out. I just haven't found that someone.

Please let me know if you figure out something better.

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