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Default Re: "Blu-ray Tips Scales"

Blu-ray and HD DVD are essentially the same spec-wise so it's kind of shame they couldn't work out their differences.

The quality does seem to vary more on blu-ray b/c they don't all use the same codec/bitrates. But, when comparing similar codecs/bitrates I don't think one magically looks better than the other (i.e. I think blu-ray and HD DVD look pretty much the same).

Surprisingly (to me at least), is how well some of the MPEG-2 blu-ray movies hold up PQ-wise against against HD DVD and blu-ray movies using VC-1 (or AVC). I think Kingdom of Heaven looks great and it's just using MPEG-2. I guess I figured the newer codecs would inherently be superior just b/c they're newer.
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