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Default Re: Official - Post Your AMD Opteron Overclocks

Originally Posted by Gregor976
I suggest that you run your fsb closer to your memory spec and just lower your multi if you don't want to overclock.

237x11=2607 or even 246x11=2706 "for a slight overclock with memory running almost at spec."

I still haven't gotten around to getting some more as5 yet. Maybe today. What heatsink do you use? I'm using the xp-90 with generic heatsink grease for now and I'm idling at 35-36. cpu at 2706.
I know my temps are way above what they should be.

Anyhow, this is the HSF I'm using:

I'm gonna' try re-seating the HSF and see if that might help. I know this cooler is beefy enough to keep this CPU cool. I just figure it could be the crap thermal grease I'm using- or the HSF just isn't making proper contact.
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