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Default Re: Dell to sell pre-installed Linux Desktops and Laptops

Originally Posted by TheTaz
Yeah... I figure SLED10 instead of Suse 10.x. Novell will want to try rope people into support subscriptions. But at least non-free media codecs would be included legally.

That said, though I do like SLED10... I'd probably install a different distro since I favor Debian based ones... specifically Xubuntu. But, at least MS wouldn't be getting an OEM payment (I hope), unlike most other places that offer systems with no OS that still have to pay MS.

Kind of doubt that will happen. Need someone with a couple of billion to burn, buy up a ton of old and fairly abandonded IP (Like Ultima Underworld, System Shock, etc. etc.)... choose a modern OpenGL engine... like whatever is coming after Quake Wars... and crap out a ton of native modernized linux games for $5 a pop... probably on something similar to STEAM. Basically flood the market with Native Linux commercial games, before current Devs would see it as a viable platform.
True dat, not to mention the face time Novell and Dell will have to get in advertising. I'm no pro with linux, but I do I still grin when I'm asked "isn't linux that command line thing?" Most recently my brother.

Bottom line atm is MS is a household name in most homes, Linux needs exposure.

I wish them lots of luck. I know how great a stable install can be and I would love to see what innovations real competition in the marketplace would bring.
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