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Default Re: Benchmark Competition - Team??

I think there are plenty of folks at NVNEWS to make a good run for a Top 10 spot for team results. Just need a team champion. I am already on a team, but I can help setup what is needed. The more the merrier!

For details about what the competition is about, check

And, if you want to see how to set up the result threads, here is a good place to look (The OCX site is new, so we do not have as many results):

What's nice about the bot service, is:

1. You get an automatically updated team rankings list. That way, you can see who has the highest scores on your team. It tells you the user, result and system details. So, no more manual update efforts. The bot does all the work!

2. It is for a number of benchmarks, like 3Dmark06, 05, 03, 2001 and Aquamark3. Others include SuperPi, WPRIME, and PiFast.

3. It's just fun!
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