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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

You know; I mist say that, that the greed of some of these people has served little more then to make it more worth my while to get some things then use the auction house itself. Oh, what do I mean?

OK, since BC has come out; this is what some people have been doing:

- A stack of mithril bars used to cost 4-4.5 g a stack of 20. Now a bunch of yahoos are trying to charge 1.25 g per bar buyout, and a 1 g 10 s starting bid. Mind you, fel iron goes for 20 g for a stack of 20. Consequences:

If lvling a character's trade skill that uses the resources, it's no longer worth the while to be lazy and just buy it rather then search for the stuff one's self. It's not even that difficult as places like Charred Veil usually have several veins for one run through the loop. Have a mount and well...

Just the other day, needing some to make some items for my new warrior's weap smithing; I didn't even bother to mince words. I just was like

Whoever decided to over-inflate mithril prices to > fel iron prices; I must thank you for getting me to lvl my mining now. Hell it won't even take, that much longer as the price is suggesting here anyhow. It's just not worth offloading it from you. Now enjoy your lost sale, and the AH deposit that was fronted for the auction.
Hell, all the auctions went down to a shorter duration by then, anyhow. Had some people PST me back with a "cool man, I like your stile "

- For higher lvls, it makes it worthless to work with the stuff, and more profitable to refuse to smith a danged thing that uses it. So lets see, mithril spurs takes 4 mithril bars and 2 solid grinding stone. At 1.25 g a bar, that's more then 5 g in mats, and then only a smith can apply them so one has to travel to attach them one's self. The spurs go for like 95 s in AH? Even if a person charged a bit more for the service of traveling and attaching, one would still take a more then 400% loss on it.

I'll tell you what, I'd do that for myself, for some good friends, and perhaps some guildies. Beyond that, no way in hell

It isn't just with this resource, this has happened. Small eggs for 1 g a piece (as some lvl 5s thought they found a way to make lvl 60s give them money so they could make Christmas cookies to do a seasonal quest was another); while wanting charity everytime they beg for gold or want people to run them through lowbie instances for the heck of it.

- Auctioneer goes by straight averages. So people who stuff up the market as such; throw the auctioneer estimated prices off wildly; resulting in one's own auctions not selling if one uses it. That unless the programmers of auctioneer decide to change their code away from a simple average, and to something else.

My idea is this. If auctioneer would start by locating the median value in averaged AH prices, and then calculate X-number of standard deviations from that median value. Then only average the prices within x-number standard deviations, rather then a straight out average. Then maybe the estimates would be trustworthy again with these extreme values removed from consideration...
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