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Default Re: Official - Post Your AMD Opteron Overclocks

Alright, I'm playing FEAR right now (it is loading the next level as I type this) and my CPU temp is pegged at 60*C. Screw running it like this. I'm taking this HSF and this crappy Thermaltake thermal grease off today. I'm putting the stock cooler on and I'm leaving it on till I get the AS5 and this heat sink lapped. I'm not gonna' risk frying this CPU. I can't afford to replace it.

Hope that stock cooler is a good one. Actually looked like it'd do a decent job.

As to lapping this HS I'm currently using- any suggestions such as grit of sand paper that I should use or what not? This will be my first time lapping a heatsink and I want to do it right. Any input will be greatly appreciated. TIA.
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