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As for the driver issues, I can't help there. It is possible to upgrade the drivers I am sure, but the process I cannot outline.

For linux rescue:
insert cd 1, boot
at command line type: linux rescue

the system will attempt to find a valid install and then 'mount' it so that you can play with it, just know that it will tell you if it can work with the installed system or not.

the mounted system will be available to work with, but command line only, and if you are unfamiliar with this environment it will be difficult to work with. You need a good book on linux to help with this, or see

The system will be mounted with the root partition / INSIDE the cd booted system, pay attention to where it report that to be, I do not remember. i.e. your root / now becomes /somthin/somthin/

From this environment, you should be able to upgrade the driver using a floppy or other cd to supply the driver file. This is rather vague I know... good luck.
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