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Default Gforce 6100 and X server hang

I have an asrock AM2NF6G-VSTA motherboard (this is for a friend). It's using nforce 6100/405 igp / chipset.

I use Mandriva linux 2007.1 (spring) and updated the kernel from 2.6.17.x to so the network card can work and hopfully the sound card work (not the case) The mcp61 chip is not well supported to date even in the latest kernel.

all is working well with the latest nvidia drivers (that I take from the plf/nonfree) I think it is 97.46. But when I start an opengl app or try to configure drake3d or ask for opengl info on the nvidia controle panel, I lost connection to X server.

the error that I see is:

(ww) nvidia, no matching device section for instance (BusID pci:0:1:3) found
(EE) failed to initialize the glx module; please check in your x
(EE) aiglx: dri module not loaded
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