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Default Re: Problem loading nvidia module due to missing xorg.conf

This can't be. If I try modprobe nvidia I get the error. I can do this way before the X-Server is started. If I supply a xorg.conf, then load the module, and then remove it again, the X-server starts just fine, because the xserver finds the module and a valid xorg.conf.
You can reproduce it easily with any version. Move the xorg.conf to /usr/lib/X11.
with vesa and nv modules the x-server starts, with nvidia not.
Now load the module with xorg in usual place. remove it afterwards, and then start the xserver. It starts.
So how do I start the module without a xorg.conf in /etc/X11. Isn't there a switch to force the module to load?

Any help would be appreciated
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