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Default Re: Post Your Audio Setups HERE!

Originally Posted by betterdan
Hehe now I don't need anything that powerful.
I had a cheap 70watt 6.5 inch (I thought it was an 8 inch) KLH sub before and that actually sounded decent. We have wood floors and the sub is located in a corner so a small sub did ok.
Now this 10 inch 230watt sub is actually too much for the room and I've only got it turned up about halfway. I love it's nice tight sound.
how would you rate that Onkyo HTIB? It looks delicious and I've heard nothing but amazing things about Onkyo.

I'm going to be looking to upgrade from my current cheapo Sony HT and this Onkyo looks like it would be perfect until I can afford to get a really good setup for around $4-6k
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