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Default No drivers for me? (ubuntu version)

Hi, i'm Facundo Baru again. First at all, thanks for the last solution that recieve
for my problem, it works. Now, i've got another problem, this time with Ubuntu 6.06
Dapper Drake.

Because SuSE LINUX works the last time very slow, i decided clean and install
Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake(from the CD what i recieve from

Alright, first, install all libraries, second, compile my sound driver and haven't got any problem, and install correctly the last nVidia Graphics driver (1.0-9746).

Now, install Beryl and XGL, but when i restart, beryl says :"beryl: no composite extension" and "NVIDIA Present, XGL Absent" so i see my configuration of Xorg.conf
and enable the extension. I do this, restart and the glxinfo says: "direct rendering: no". In SuSE LINUX 9.3 and 10.1 this didn't ocurrs, so i decided to post my problem.

Also, i put here my XORG.CONF and my GDM.CONF. My card is a integrated graphics, nvidia nForce 4 Geforce 6100 and Mother ASROCK K8NF6G-VSTA.

Excuse me for the long note, and thanks again.

Facundo Baru
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