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Default Re: NIN Beside You in Time HD DVD - 5/5 stars on Audio/Video quality!

Originally Posted by superklye
It's funny he says that because most of the shows, even this one with the plethora of [WITH_TEETH] tracks and the somewhat rarely-played "The Big Come Down", ARE hit parades.

Terrible Lie, March of the Pigs, Closer, Head Like a Hole, Hurt, The Hand That Feeds, Only, Wish and Sin (usually) are played at EVERY show. Until this most recent European leg of the new tour, they almost never deviated. Even with the big changes, NIN shows typically are "greatest hits" shows with a few songs from the new album thrown in and MAYBE a "rare" song or two.

Meh, whatever. I'll still go and see them every time they come within 500 miles of me, but it gets kinda old to see the exact same setlist 4 nights in a row.
Geez... that is quite a large radius :\.
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