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Default Digital and analog output on same port - DVI-I


Is it possible to utilize BOTH the DVI and Analog pins on a SINGLE output port of the FX 5500 card ?

My system has a FX5500 driving two DFP displays. I'd like to use a DVI-I splitter cable on ONE of the channels to light a third monitor using the analog portion of the channel's output. I'd be using the same modeline for both the digital and analog pins and would expect the output video to be the same on both the analog and DVI pins. I'm NOT trying to get twinview or similiar out of the same port/channel. I merely need the analog duplicate of the DVI output on the same channel/port.

After reading the documentation, the DFP and CRT options are available for a single port. Another (recently assimilated) gfx card manufacturer used to allow a TMDS option which would enable both the digital and analog signaling to be output on the same port/cable but with the same modeline signaling. This provided me what I needed.

Is this possible? If so, any pointers would be appreciated. No, I'm not switching to the other gfx card manufacturer's stuff.

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