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Default Re: Official - Post Your AMD Opteron Overclocks

Originally Posted by SLippe
I've never lapped a heatsink, sorry. Weird, I would think that HSF you were using would be better than the stock HSF. Looks like the fan is too small for the heatsink to me. LOL Let me know how big a difference the AS5 made.
It could be a number of things- I doubt this HSF is really to blame. It is pure copper with 6 heatpipes and a 120mm fan. I know the HSF is enough- but I'm betting something else is going on. Maybe it just isn't getting even enough contact on the CPU- or maybe it is just the thermal grease. Hard to say.

But, off it goes and on with the stock cooler. I'll post my results once the AS5 arrives and I get it and this beefy HSF installed again. Hopefully that'll solve this problem.
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