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Default Re: Post Your Audio Setups HERE!

No I don't think it would have a problem passing the picture, just the on screen stuff from the receiver.
The thing to remeber is this doesn't convert other signals to HDMI or downconvert other signals to HDMI. If you plug in something with HDMI to the receiver you need to use HDMI out of the receiver to get video. If you hook something up with composite, svhs or component you can use any of those or just use component out to get video as it will convert the lower signals to component video.

As for the receiver onscreen menus and such I heard if you bought the next system above this one then the onscreen menus would work though HDMI. It's not that big a deal actually as after you set everything up in the menus you don't ever need it again. It just would be another cool thing to have the audio settings pop up on your tv so you wouldnt have to look at the receivers smaller display when you use an HDMI connection.
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