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Default Re: Change to NVIDIA UNIX Graphics Driver version format

After the Release 100 driver series is released, we will make a similar change to the 1.0-96xx and 1.0-71xx legacy GPU release branches.
This looks like a good move, thanks.

However, can you give some indication of the following:
a: what the timeline for the switch of 96xx and 71xx to the new naming format will be?
b: will the 974x drivers be brought into this new format or will they be dropped in favor of the new driver?
c: will all drivers be released with the new format at the same time?
d: will the previous driver naming schemas be available for download along with the new names as a transitional option, or will the switch be instant?
e: will the installer method remain basically the same in terms of nvidia-installer functionality, installer arguments, syntax, and so on.

thanks for any further information, we'd like to get these changes integrated as seamlessly as we can into our current methods, ideally completely transparently to the end users.
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