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Default Re: What MMO's do we have to look forward too?

Originally Posted by Butter Bandit
Preach it brother!
I'm serious, I was in LOVE with SWG until they kept nerfing, and patching, and dicking up the game to where it was nothing like what I bought and played at launch.

The most fun I've EVER had on an online game was shortly after the launch of SWG. I'd get a group of friends together and roam Moenia looking for covert rebels that were flagged for PVP after doing faction much fun......
I agree with this completely.
SWG is still the most fun I have had in an MMO from the MUD days through UO and to today.
Pre the jedi cop out, pre the CU.
The whole pvp dynamic with imperial-rebel-covert was awsome, the housing was awsome, the different progression and class options were great, the fact that you could just hang out in a cantina and bs was great, the varying world and how huge they were was great, the housing was awsome, the character customization was second to none, the fact that you could just take almost any item and use it as deco in your home was awsome.
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