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Default Re: x86_64-1.0-9746 freezes OpenSuse 10.2

netlama -- Yeah, I've been through that many times (But maybe Nukem36 hasn't, and I have hijacked his thread, after all. On the plus side, our setups and problems are very similar, so any resolution I get might help him. He could always try a 2.6.17 kernel -- that might be a good workaround.)

I'm doing a formal bug report now. Included are two nvidia-bug-report.log files --

One, with a 2.6.17 kernel, shows everything working correctly. X is up and running and all is stable and well.

One, with a 2.6.19 kernel (looks like I got an update from the 2.6.18 one) has nvidia.ko loaded, but X has not yet been started, because the entire system locks up as soon as X is started. But other than the kernel, and the NVIDIA driver being reinstalled each time, both are from the same system, both taken minutes apart with the system freshly booted. (The 2.6.19 version had the system booted into single user mode, if that matters -- it was the easiest way to stop X from starting, but it'll crash in normal user mode just fine, and indeed, right after getting the nvidia-bug-report.log file, I put it into normal mode, services start, then where it would start X and ... crash. Screen stays blank, system can't even be pinged.)

Note that the 2.6.19 version has the kernel booted up with `pci=nommconf idle=poll' and the 2.6.17 version does not. (But 2.6.18 crashed without these options, and I'll assume that 2.6.19 will as well.)

I am using the most recently released bios for my motherboard.
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