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Default can't get dualhead separate screens to work

Here's what I'm trying to do:

- I have a Dell 20" LCD, a Vizio 50" plasma, and an NV 7600GT
- The Dell is connected via DVI to the first port.
- The Vizio is connected via RGB through an RGB->DVI plug to the second port.

My Goal:

- I want to use the LCD in full resolution, portrait mode (1050x1680) during normal use.
- I want to be able to dynamically enable the Vizio in order to watch a movie on it (ideally 1360x768, but until I find the modeline it will have to be 1024x768)
- It's not important whether I can drag windows across both screens.

Here are my ideas:

* TwinView *
- doesn't allow me to use the LCD in portrait view and the plasma in landscape view
- To get full screen video to work properly, the primary screen has to be the plasma at low resolution, so the menu bar 'floats' within the lcd screen
- have to change metamodes in order to disable the vizio.

* Separate Screens *
- Can't get it to work.
- How do I dynamically enable or disable the Vizio?


1) How do I switch metamodes using TwinView? Ctrl-Alt-+/- doesn't work.

2) I can't get the separate screens method from the NV Readme Appendix to work.
- If I use the method as described, I get a splash screen (at low resolution) on the LCD and then it goes black, and the plasma displays 'invalid mode'
- I can make the LCD display a proper image by using the "UseDisplay" option in the LCD's Device section, but then the plasma displays 'invalid mode'.
- Using the "ConnectedMonitor" option in the Device sections gives blank screens on both monitors.
- I tried switching the devices (making the CRT screen 0 and the DVI screen 1). This leads to a black desktop with an 'x' cursor controlled by the mouse on the LCD, and 'invalid mode' on the plasma.

3) Would I be able to just run a single display x server on my LCD at all times, but then launch a new x server on the Vizio when I want to watch a movie? If I do that, will both x servers display at the same time, or will I only be able to display one or the other at a time? If this is feasible, how do I set it up?

Attached is my current xorg.conf that works (only displays on the LCD in portrait mode @ 1050x1680).

I will post a bug-report.log for any scenario listed above on request.

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