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Default Re: False and misleading prices on front page, please stop it.

Well, I must say; I got a bit of a surprise. I logged on after being away for awhile; and started reading through the pages of the thread. Mind you, not a post here and there, as some would who were here the whole time; but I got it all at once...

To say the least, I wasn't expecting this; and from someone who decided to make it his personal mission in life to blow a stink about this site. And in the midst of this case of verbal diherea; didn't bother to check into the facts first, to see the prices he was complaining about weren't inacurate when the rebates were taken into account.

Well anyhow, probably one of the first times the feedback forum had morphed into either the political forum, or a new soap opera "As The Moriarty99 Turns"
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